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The next board meeting is August 12th 2017 at the
Middle River Ranch

IaDCTA Road to the Championships
Recognized IaDCTA 2017 Shows

Current as of August 22nd, 2017
LR Eventing April, 22-23, 2017
MLEC Fantasy I May, 07, 2017
Arabian Mayflower Show May 27-28, 2017
Catalpa Corner Spring Show May 28, 2017
Tamarack Stables Show June, 10, 2017
MLEC Dressage Classic I & II June 10-11, 2017
MRR/DB June, 17, 2017
MLEC Fantasy II June 25, 2017
Tamarack Stables Show July,12, 2017
LR Eventing July 16th, 2017
MLEC Two River Dressage Classic I & II, July 29-30, 2017
MRR/DB August 12, 2017
Tamarack Stables Show August, 12, 2017
MLEC Fantasy III Aug, 26-27, 2017
ptember 9, 2017

MRR IaDCTA Eventing Championship & Schooling Show September 23, 2017
Tamarack Stables Show, September 23, 2017

MLEC Fantasy Finale September 24, 2017
Dressage Championships, Ellsworth College, October 21st and 22nd 2017

3 separate scores from IaDCTA recognized shows under two different judges
Must be IaDCTA member at time scores are earned
Horse must be IaDCTA nominated

All of the above rules apply
7 hours of volunteer service

Click here for the 7-17-2017 Voting Record

MRR & DB Show Reg. 2017

MRR & DB Show class list. 2017

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IaDCTA presents the Second Annual Eventing Championship & Schooling Show

September 23, 2017 Middle River Ranch

2976 214th Trail, Winterset, Iowa

Celebrating the Sports of Eventing and Dressage in Iowa

Click here for Eventing Championships Flyer

Click here for a Eventing Championships Entry form

Click here for 2017 Dressage Championships Flyer

Click here for the Dressage Championship Registration form

   IaDCTA Recognized

The IaDCTA's sister GMO the Nebraska Dressage Association invites you to participate in a unique educational opportunity being held in 2017 in Lincoln, NE. It is the USDF L Education Program part 1, sessions A (5/20&21), B (7/8&9) and C (9/16&17). Participant and auditor opportunities are available for all sessions. Whether you want to learn to be a judge or just want to better understand what the judge is looking for this is a great program!  

To be a participant please register before 3/1/2017. Participant and auditor information is available on the NDA web site:
Neb. Flyer



Click Here MLEC Fantasy show Bill
IaDCTA Recognized

Click Here for more information and show bills for the Fantasy Schooling Show Series

Clinic Registration

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Dressage and Combined Training Schooling Shows.

Get involved with the IaDCTA by hosting a show.
If you own/operate an Equestrian facility suitable for holding a Dressage and/or Combined Training show please contact:

Robin Sprafka at
515-462-3000 for details.

Click here for more information

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The Iowa Dressage & Combined Training Association (IaDCTA) is excited to present the following sponsorship opportunities for 2017. 

Sponsors may contribute online through our secure payment gateway -- in one payment or through installments. Sponsors may also submit payment to the fundraiser chair.

For all of our sponsorship information, including a description of our various sponsorship levels, an application form and a list of the specifications for any artwork, please click here: