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Click here to submit your 2019 Dressage scores for year-end awards


Important information:
IaDCTA has a new nomination category. You can now nominate your horse as a Sporthorse for year end awards. You can still nominate a horse in as many categories as you choose. Go to the 
Nominate Your Horse page to get started.


The below link to the Education and Articles page on this website has a very important article about vaccinations, Written by Dr. Pat Foley. Please take time to  read this.

Thank you Dr. Pat Foley 

Click here > 
Education and Articles

Click here for the MRR July entry form

Click here for the MRR Class list

Up coming events

Spring is here and there are lots of riding opportunities for you and your horse. Remember, if you want to be eligible for year end awards, you must register your horse and send IaDCTA your test scores!  You send scores throughout the show season. 

3/4  Catalpa Corner Horse Park 
Dressage and jumping clinic with Camie Stockhausen

5 Catalpa Corner Horse Park Eventer Derby

5 Maffitt Lake Fantasy Schooling Show

10-12 Jumping Clinic with Mohamed Khalifa
Long Grove Iowa at Old Stone Farms  Contact Elly Bates 563-940-0788

25-26 Bara Trac I &II Too  Dressage Show in Mason City - 
North Iowa Fairgrounds, Mason City,

24-26 Area IV Young Riders XC Educational Event with Allison Springer
mounted and unmounted participation available

25/26  Catalpa Corner Horse Park
25th - Schooling Day and Ride a Test
26th - One Day Event (ODE)

7-9 Eric Smiley Clinic at Powder River Ranch, Cumming
7th - dressage lessons  8,9 - small group clinic sessions, pole work and jumping
auditors welcome

8/9 Maffitt Lake Dressage Classic I and II    

22/23 Dressage Lite and Dressage Lite Too  Dressage Show in Mason City - 
 North Iowa Fairgrounds, Mason City,

28-30  Jessie Steiner Clinic - Emery Training Center in Dexter
   for information contact: Lori Emery
or Mickayla Frederick
(auditing is free)

Remember to call John for help setting up a fitness program to get you through the winter and start a healthy show season 


IaDCTA instituted a modified level of testing for beginner horses and riders. This Intro-to-Intro Level is for IaDCTA members onlyand is not offered to our knowledge by any other club.Introductory Level is comprised of three tests (Intro A, B & C). For Intro to-Intro Level IaDCTA will accept Tests A & B ONLY.Individuals qualifying for Intro-to-Intro Level may submit three of their highest scoring tests from three different shows and two different “L” judges or better with one of those tests being Test B. Individuals riding Intro-to-Intro may also ride Test C but may not include the test in Intro-to-Intro Level. Individuals may not apply for YEAR END AWARDS in both Intro-to-Intro and the regular Intro Level.

The IaDCTA Handbook has been updated from the 2012 version to 2018. 
A list of changes can be found on page 2. Please review the 
changes and familiarize 
yourself with the handbook.

Click here to review the IaDCTA Handbook, Revised for 2018


For the young and/or inexperienced riders/horses
The IaDCTA voted to add a Walk Trot class to the yearend awards. The tests used for this class will be Intro A and Intro B classes Any rider/horse combination wanting to be eligible for this award will be allowed to ride only the two classes offered. Rider must submit their three rides from two separate judges to qualify for yearend awards by November 1st of that year. If a competitor chooses to ride the Intro level C class they will automatically not be entitled to qualify for the Walk Trot yearend award. However they may be qualified to compete for the regular Intro A, B, & C levels by riding three classes for two different judges with one ride at the highest in the Intro Level (Intro C) to qualify. This applies to yearend awards only it does not apply to individual shows.


3 separate scores from any Iowa show
Under two different "L" judges (or higher level)
Must be IaDCTA member at time scores are earned
Horse(s) must be IaDCTA nominated

All of the above rules apply
7 hours of volunteer service per horse/rider combination and per discipline. 
Volunteer hours not to exceed fourteen (14) hours if you are riding multiple
horses and/or disciplines.



Dressage and Combined Training Schooling Shows.

Get involved with the IaDCTA by hosting a show.
If you own/operate an Equestrian facility suitable for holding a Dressage and/or Combined Training show please contact:

Robin Sprafka at
515-462-3000 for details.